Set Your Intention

Our September theme is Set Your Intention.

We are all creatures of habit. What we do, eat, say, think, how we feel and how we react are all based on our habits. Our habitual behaviours create our entire lives! Intentions are are powerful way to begin to build new habits. A new intention redirects our actions, thoughts and our energy. 

'Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!' ~ James Redfield

We began setting intentions as a daily practice long before we started The Yoga Family. Everyday we get clear with what is most important to us for the day and we set a clear intention. Throughout the day if we feel we are out of alignment, we take a deep breath and come back to the intention. 

Do you set daily intentions? 

We look forward to practicing Yoga with you soon! 

Love Sarah & Jane Xx

Yoga Manchester