Gong Yoga

When I first started teaching Yoga I never would of thought I'd want to host an event like this. My Yoga practice was focused on the physical body and on understanding the mind. When my teachers spoke about energy and chakras I listened and enjoyed learning theses concepts, but they meant nothing to me.

I began to understand the deeper elements of Yoga as my practice evolved and I became keen to learn more. Two years ago I was introduced to Reiki by my good friend Kim. Through Reiki and Yoga my mind was opened and I began to experience the movements of energy. I finally understood what my teachers spoke of.

We are made of vibrations in a world that is vibrating around us. We hold onto our experiences, our emotions and our traumas as vibrations within our body. I say this at every Masterclass and retreat, we hold our issues in our tissues!

Yoga, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation and Gong Yoga (among many others) are forms of healing. They are tools to allow us to release energy blockages, emotions, past traumas and low vibrations from our body.

Today my intention was to give myself time and space to heal. I am grateful that my beautiful sister led our Gong Yoga practice today, allowing me the time and space to shift some low vibrations and to release old emotions.

Gong Yoga is always a very special event for us. Every experience with the gongs is unique and interesting. We love working with Martyn and learning from him. Thank you to everyone who joined us today. Our next Gong Yoga is 15th October. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more. Love Sarah Xx

Gong Yoga Manchester