Dealing With Our Many Emotions


In this life we experience a full spectrum of emotions. Some of them we have labelled as good/bad, right/wrong.

Anger has been a tricky emotion for me to understand. It didn’t feel natural to me and I learnt to repress it and bottle it up. A wise yogi said to me this summer “it’s ok to feel angry. Anger is a completely normal emotion”. @yogajungphl This was a game changer for me.

So I made the choice to let myself really experience this emotion. The challenges I’ve faced so far, what do you do with anger when you feel it? Repress it? Express it? Sit with it? My most recent experience is learning to sit with it and to learn from it... very challenging! I also find channelling it through my boxing training with @darrellscottfitness is very useful and cathartic.

To anyone who’s just taken the time to read my little social media journal, thanks for connecting with me and I hope my insights are useful in some way. @yogajungphl you helped me to open my mind and express myself fully, thank you. With love Xx

Yoga Teacher Manchester