Smoothie Bowl Heaven

For anyone that’s had a conversation with me since our Bali Yoga Retreat you’ll know that the new love of my life is smoothie bowls. I wanted to share my favourite recipe with you! 

For the smoothie part:

1 frozen banana

3/4 dates

Small piece of fresh coconut (ask Victor or a responsible adult to open the coconut)

1 tablespoon of raw cacao (maybe more if you like it very chocolatey) 

150 mls coconut milk (almond or oat milk) 

Blend until it’s smooth and then add strawberries, banana, raspberries and granola on top. Sarah’s favourite granola recipe coming soon... 

You can adapt this recipe and add in any of your favourite flavours. Frozen berries, almond butter, peanut butter etc. This can be eaten at any time of day, smoothies bowls are not just for breakfast! 

I’ve eaten one everyday since we got back from Bali!  #addicted Enjoy!! Please share your pictures and favourite recipes with us! Love Jane Xx

Smoothie Bowl Manchester Yoga