Reiki Healing Manchester

Reiki healing is a powerful form of energetic healing that promotes health and wellbeing in the body, mind and soul. Through Reiki healing treatments, life force energy (ki/prana/chi) is channelled through the healer into the energy system of the person being treated.  Through this higher vibration of energy their vibrational state is raised and the lower, dense energy (which contributes to ill health) can be removed. 

Sarah - Reiki Master 

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Sarah first experienced Reiki healing after many years struggling with anxiety and depression; she felt the positive effects immediately in her body and mind. Sarah felt inspired to share the physical and mental health benefits of Reiki healing and began her training as a healer.

Sarah has trained to the level of a Reiki Master and has a wealth of experience as a healer and energy worker. She offers personalised healing treatments in people's homes across Manchester and at yoga retreats. She offers a  heartfelt and empowering experience to all. 

"People often ask me to explain what Reiki is and exactly how it will feel. It is so difficult to put into words because it must be experienced to be  truly understood. Each person will  have a unique experience that allows them to heal and evolve as needed." - Sarah

Benefits of Reiki Healing 

  • Relaxation of body and mind

  • Relief from anxiety, depression and stress

  • Renewed energy and vitality

  • Improved sleep

  • Pain relief

  • Chakra balancing

  • Release of lower vibrations / energy blockages

  • Deeper connection to yourself and to your life purpose

  • Healing of past trauma

  • Feeling energetically protected and less drained

Please contact us with any queries or to book a Reiki healing treatment. 

Energy Work & Clearings

Through the channel of reiki healing Sarah has gained a wealth of experience in angelic and spirit guide connection,  soul retrieval and removal of entity attachments. 

Training In Reiki Healing

If you are interested in training in reiki healing please contact us. First and second degree courses with Sarah will be available soon.