Online Yoga Classes

Welcome to our online yoga classes. Whether you are new to yoga or have previous yoga experience, these classes are a great way to start a regular home practice. Our intention with our online classes is to help you bring a little bit of yoga into your daily life. Here is our advice to help your develop your home practice:

  • Create a safe space for yourself to practice yoga

  • Turn off your phone

  • Yoga is an opportunity to care for your body and mind so ensure you respect any injuries or limitations you have

  • Have fun and enjoy this time you have carved out for yourself

  • You may choose to practice with some background music if that feels good for you

  • After your class enjoy a few minutes in stillness. Whether you are lying down or seated, let yourself rest for as long as you need

  • Drink lots of water after your yoga practice

  • If you are in the mood for a longer yoga practice you add these classes together!

    1. Start with Neck & Shoulder Tension Release

    2. Then Rise & Shine Flow or Yoga Flow

    3. Finish with Evening Unwind or Happy Hips & Hamstrings

We hope you enjoy our online classes and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Love Sarah, Jane & Vic Xx

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Neck & Shoulder Tension Release

This seated class is designed to help you release tension from your neck, shoulders and upper back. It’s perfect for anyone who feels the affects of stress around their shoulders. All of the movements can be done in a chair so you can even do this class at your desk! Enjoy!

Rise & Shine Flow

This flow class will get your body moving and calm your mind. The postures will help you to build strength and release tension. We hope that it will lift your spirits and prepare you for whatever life throws at you. This practice is a great way to start your day!

Happy Hips & Hamstrings

This practice encompasses dynamic movements and restorative stretches to keep your hips and hamstrings healthy. We all need to look after our hips and hamstrings and release the tension that can impact our lower backs. If you are a runner, cyclist, gym goer, desk worker or spend long periods of time driving or seated, this class is perfect for you!


Evening Unwind

This slow flow class will help you to release any tension that has accumulated throughout the day. This class will help you to unwind your body and relax your mind, preparing you for a blissful nights sleep.


Yoga Flow

Energise your body and calm your mind with this yoga flow practice. This class is a mixture of dynamic postures and restorative stretches. This home yoga practice is an opportunity to carve out time for yourself and find your inner balance.


We are currently filming more online classes!

Subscribe to The Yoga Family newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and you’ll be the first to know when more yoga classes and meditations are available