Reiki healing with Sarah

I recently contacted The Yoga Family whom I became aware of through The Garden in Hale. I had a reiki treatment with Sarah which was truly amazing. I have had reiki previously with other practitioners which has been excellent, but with Sarah it surpassed that. 

Sarah is very patient, energetic and knowledgeable and genuinely cares. She explained the process, her approach and findings following, as well as listening and responding (exhaustively) to my questions. It was a highly intuitive, calming and wonderful experience with tangible results.  Sarah was able to identify, via insight, what I needed without any prior disclosure from me as to such.

It was also evident that The Yoga Family perspective is an ethical one with focus on client needs without pressure to commit to anything, therefore not a sales oriented approach. Both Jane and Sarah have always been exceptionally pleasant, polite, professional and prompt when I have directed communication to them via email. I would recommend The Yoga Family to anyone with an interest in holistic and or a need for deep healing. 

Lisa x