Chakra Balancing Workshop in Hale - Kelsey

I attended the chakra workshop yesterday (29th July) and I was really nervous because I’ve never done anything like that before. I didn’t even know what chakra yoga was so didn’t really know what to expect and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself!

Sarah explained everything in such detail it was like she was only talking to me and I related to everything. Working through each step of the body and tuning into myself was really engaging. I’ve never done anything like that before and I’m still buzzing the day after. I really went deep and turned up all the negative energy that I’ve buried for so long and got rid. I know it’s not over and definitely something for me to work on. But now I have the guidance I need to help me through the journey of me, and that’s what’s important is myself. I’ve never thought of myself and my wellness as much as that one class. So big thank you to Sarah for the class!

Kelsey x

Reiki healing with Sarah

I recently contacted The Yoga Family whom I became aware of through The Garden in Hale. I had a reiki treatment with Sarah which was truly amazing. I have had reiki previously with other practitioners which has been excellent, but with Sarah it surpassed that. 

Sarah is very patient, energetic and knowledgeable and genuinely cares. She explained the process, her approach and findings following, as well as listening and responding (exhaustively) to my questions. It was a highly intuitive, calming and wonderful experience with tangible results.  Sarah was able to identify, via insight, what I needed without any prior disclosure from me as to such.

It was also evident that The Yoga Family perspective is an ethical one with focus on client needs without pressure to commit to anything, therefore not a sales oriented approach. Both Jane and Sarah have always been exceptionally pleasant, polite, professional and prompt when I have directed communication to them via email. I would recommend The Yoga Family to anyone with an interest in holistic and or a need for deep healing. 

Lisa x

Helping me Through a tough time in my life - Katie

I’ve experienced my first Reiki healing session with Sarah this week. Wow! It was so incredible, it’s hard to put into words what a beautiful, positive, healing experience it was. Words can’t explain it, you just have to experience it! Sarah is not only full of excellent advice, she puts you at ease, makes you feel safe, She really listens & holds a magical gift in her healing hands. Sarah feels like my little angel, helping me through a tough time in my life. Really can’t recommend Sarah and this treatment enough

"life changing experience" - Holly

Love, encouragement, knowledge, journey companionship... the Yoga Family give themselves generously to their Yogis and inspire a smily ‘you can do it!’ vibe in every class. The perfect balance of peace and humour, I cannot recommend their classes and retreats enough. I had a life changing experience when I threw myself into their second ever retreat, and came away feeling I had been truly cared for and that my contribution was valued. Enjoy your yoga adventures with this wonderful group of bright shiny people! X

Manchester Yoga Workshops with The Yoga Family - Amy

I have been on 3 of The Yoga Family Masterclasses now and I am addicted! Sarah and Jane are so welcoming and encouraging and are obviously very experienced yoga teachers, who go above and beyond the basic practice of yoga as a physical activity, exploring the mental benefits and wrapping it all up in the most warm and friendly way. The Masterclasses are just what the name suggests, not only with in-depth advice on certain poses, but also correct ways to warm up, and great informal chats on why we practice and how it benefits us. It feels like your practising with friends... very experienced friends who help to push and progress your practice!
You take away so much from their classes, and Sarah and Jane have really helped me to develop my home practice and to explore the wellbeing side of yoga. I will definitely be booking onto one of their retreats in the near future, and can't wait to practice with them again soon!

Reiki Healing & Yoga Workshops in Manchester - Leah

Today I attended my third workshop (arm balancing) with Jayne and Sarah, and as always it was brilliant. I absolutely love the workshops as I’ve done yoga on and off for years and want to learn more, the workshops give you much more insight than just a class. They’re always so well prepared, you learn lots and have fun!

I’ve also had a Reiki treatment from Sarah and again highly recommend it! Reiki is something I’ve only just heard about and although I have no idea how it works, it’s amazing! I felt relaxed and energised afterwards.

I look forward to future classes, workshops and reiki treatments!

"helped change my life" - Zoey - Manchester Yoga Classes

Since my very first yoga class only a few months ago I have felt the benefits mentally and physically and can already see progress in the strength of my body and mind. This is because the encouragement, positivity and support from Sarah and Jane have made me feel like I can achieve anything and no obstacle is too great. 
I have also experienced an amazing reiki healing session with Sarah and I can’t recommend it enough. It left me feeling relaxed, recharged and determined to carry on my personal journey of becoming the best version of me. Sarah and Jane are truly inspirational and have literally helped change my life